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Posted by Staff on Jul 02, 2014   ::   Tags: Tips, Care
DATE: 07.02.2014
TAGS: Tips, Care

The school year is coming to a close, and it’s time to enjoy all that summer has to offer! We’ve put together a few suggestions to keep your smile in shape all summer long.

The Inside Scoop

Does the thought of biting into a cold ice cream cone make you cringe? If you’re one of the unlucky few whose teeth can’t withstand frosty summer treats, try switching to toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Your gums and the enamel on your teeth team up to protect your mouth against hot and cold foods and drinks. When your enamel has worn down, or your gums slightly recede, you’ve lost some natural protection. Luckily, specially formulated toothpastes, such as Sensodyne, can be the perfect solution.

This kind of paste contains ingredients that block the transmission of painful sensations from entering the tiny pores in your teeth. Brushing with this special toothpaste for just a few days won’t do the trick. To take on the vanilla cone, you’ll have to use it for about a month.

Not So Sweet 

Blueberries, raspberries, and cherries…the perfect summer snack. Right? Your teeth think otherwise! Although good for your overall health, these sweet fruits are not as beneficial to your teeth as you may think. Berries are rich in color, and those dark pigments can leave your teeth stained.

If you’ve ever rinsed blueberries and dried them on a paper towel, then you’ve probably noticed that your paper towel turns purple as it absorbs the juice. Your teeth will do the same when you eat dark fruits like blueberries, raspberries and cherries, by absorbing the rich color into their pores. So, if you’re crazy for berries, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly every time you indulge!

If you’ve already noticed some changes in your tooth color, fear not! Here at Cromwell Dental we offer professional teeth whitening treatments guaranteed to make your teeth shades brighter. Call us to see if you are a good candidate for Zoom! in-office whitening.

Finally….don’t let summer mess with your swing!

The kids are out of school, vacations are around the corner, and you’re ready to soak up the sun! But don’t let the sandcastles and sunshine stop you from keeping your regular hygiene appointments. Continue brushing, flossing and coming to visit us as much as you normally do.


Untreated dental disease can lead to serious long-term problems. The American Dental Association recommends all adults and children visit a dentist every six months. Whether you're a current or future client we hope to see you soon!