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Meet Dr. Andrew Ronan

Two things are most important to Dr. Andrew Ronan: the quality of the care he provides his patients, and his own quality of life. And to him, they’re inseparable.

“I knew I wanted to be a dentist fairly early,” Dr. Ronan says. “I decided on it as a career both for the opportunity it gave me to help people, and because dentistry offers a very healthy work/life balance. And that lets me be 100% focused, present and all-in on my patients while I’m at work.”

He describes that work as demanding but rewarding. “Of course, it can be challenging, but what helps is the team we have here at Cromwell Dental,” he says. “From the front desk to every dentist and hygienist, we all work really well together making sure every patient is getting the care that’s best for them.”

That attention to personalized care is also one of Dr. Ronan’s top priorities. “We spend a lot of time walking every patient through their treatment options, the pros and cons, our recommendations...even the cost implications and the best ways to pay for them. We understand that all those things go into making our patients comfortable with their care, which is always our number one goal.” 

Informing and educating patients is important to both Dr. Ronan and Cromwell Dental. “We believe in providing a trusted voice to help with their choice,” Dr. Ronan says. “In today’s world, where patients can access all kinds of information, we see ourselves as offering a professional’s perspective and guidance to choose what’s best for you.” 

Dr. Ronan’s well-balanced work and life allow him time to enjoy plenty of personal pursuits after office hours end — such as exercising, cooking, paddleboarding and watching TV and movies. A longtime native of Fairfield County, he attended the University of Connecticut both as an undergraduate and as a dental student.




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