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Meet Dr. Matthew Rodda

Like every dentist at Cromwell Dental, Dr. Matthew Rodda strives to make things easier for his patients. But for himself? Not so much.

While his fellow students at SUNY at Buffalo were enjoying the fun of senior year, he decided to take additional science and biology classes — outside of his Civil Engineering major. It was a decision that made his last year of college harder, but his future far more rewarding.

After two years of working as a civil engineer, he used his diverse education to enroll into the SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. Following dental school, he completed a general practice residency at Ellis Hospital, where he gained further training in treating medically complex patients and several other dental specialties.

“I tell people I took what I learned about building big bridges and applied it to much smaller ones,” jokes Dr. Rodda. “But in all seriousness, engineering and dentistry share a lot of the same principles. These are essential to providing dental work that has strength and longevity.”

He’s now finding it easy to put those fundamentals to work at Cromwell Dental. “I have all the equipment I could possibly need here,” he says. “Everything is state-of-the-art, the staff is highly skilled and supportive, and it’s the nicest office I’ve ever been a part of… the waiting room is nicer than my living room!”

All the attention-to-detail matters to Dr. Rodda. “I’m a very detail-oriented and meticulous person, especially when it comes to my patients’ care. Whether it’s a simple filling or a far more complex procedure, I’m dedicated to achieving the best result possible.”

That level of care starts with listening closely. “I enjoy playing guitar, and one of the things I love to do is listen to music and transcribe it. I like to think that skill has carried over to serve my patients, by listening carefully to their needs… then making sure we deliver on them.”

When he’s not practicing dentistry — or guitar — Dr. Rodda enjoys being outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, watching live music, traveling, and exploring Connecticut.



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