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Dental Hygiene Team

Many major health issues and diseases can start in your mouth, through periodontal disease. And dental hygienists are the first line of defense against them — they’re a critical factor in keeping communities healthy.

That’s because hygienists do far more than clean your teeth. While handling important tasks like precise scaling of roots, they’re on a constant lookout for a variety of health issues that are linked to gum disease — issues that can be treated far more effectively when caught early. Our hygienists have detected everything from heart disease to oral cancer through thorough examination and cleaning.

Of course, they’re also highly skilled at taking great care of your teeth, and helping you do the same. Our hygienist team ensures that every patient is well-educated about oral health, while also managing your comprehensive periodontal therapy. They don’t consider their job done until they send you on your way, feeling your best and sporting a fresh, confident smile.

Denise Adams, RDH, has worked at Cromwell Dental for over 22 years. Since then, she has moved nine times and owned fourteen different cars.

Crissy Guerrera, RDH, has been with Cromwell Dental for twelve years. In her free time, she enjoys running and scrapbooking.

Tammy Russo, RDH, has worked at Cromwell Dental for seven years, and has worked as a hygienist for 25. A mother of three boys, she likes to quilt in her spare time.

Heidi Moriello, RDH, has over eight years of dental hygienist experience. A graduate of the University of New Haven, she has traveled to both Romania and Kenya as a volunteer providing dental hygiene treatment and education to those in need.

Jillian Dzingle, RDH



Untreated dental disease can lead to serious long-term problems. The American Dental Association recommends all adults and children visit a dentist every six months. Whether you're a current or future client we hope to see you soon!